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refactor!: support lua 5.4 (#129)
major rewrite which changes the library hilbish uses for it's lua vm
this one implements lua 5.4, and since that's a major version bump,
it's a breaking change. introduced here also is a fix for `hilbish.login`
not being the right value

* refactor: start work on lua 5.4

lots of commented out code

ive found a go lua library which implements lua 5.4
and found an opportunity to start working on it.
this commit basically removes everything and just leaves
enough for the shell to be "usable" and able to start.
there are no builtins or libraries (besides the `hilbish` global)

* fix: call cont next in prompt function

this continues execution of lua, very obvious
fixes an issue with code stopping at the prompt function

* fix: handle errors in user config

* fix: handle panic in lua input if it is incorrect

* feat: implement bait

* refactor: use util funcs to run lua where possible

* refactor: move arg handle function to util

* feat: implement commander

* feat: implement fs

* feat: add hilbish module functions used by prelude

* chore: use custom fork of golua

* fix: make sure args to setenv are strings in prelude

* feat: implement completions

* chore: remove comment

* feat: implement terminal

* feat: implement hilbish.interval

* chore: update lunacolors

* chore: update golua

* feat: implement aliases

* feat: add input mode

* feat: implement runner mode

* style: use comma separated cases instead of fallthrough

* feat: implement syntax highlight and hints

* chore: add comments to document util functions

* chore: fix dofile comment doc

* refactor: make loader functions for go modules unexported

* feat: implement job management

* feat: add hilbish properties

* feat: implement all hilbish module functions

* feat: implement history interface

* feat: add completion interface

* feat: add module description docs

* feat: implement os interface

* refactor: use hlalias for add function in hilbish.alias interface

* feat: make it so hilbish.run can return command output

* fix: set hilbish.exitCode to last command exit code

* fix(ansikit): flush on io.write

* fix: deregister commander if return isnt number

* feat: run script when provided path

* fix: read file manually in DoFile to avoid shebang

* chore: add comment for reason of unreading byte

* fix: remove prelude error printing

* fix: add names at chunk load for context in errors

* fix: add newline at the beginning of file buffer when there is shebang

this makes the line count in error messages line up properly

* fix: remove extra newline after error
2022-04-04 06:40:02 -04:00
bait refactor!: support lua 5.4 (#129) 2022-04-04 06:40:02 -04:00
commander refactor!: support lua 5.4 (#129) 2022-04-04 06:40:02 -04:00
fs refactor!: support lua 5.4 (#129) 2022-04-04 06:40:02 -04:00
terminal refactor!: support lua 5.4 (#129) 2022-04-04 06:40:02 -04:00