a game about a forest
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Status: Work In Progress / Unreleased

Forest Game

this is a place where i am writing a game about a forest. I'm going to try to focus on writing, and not too much on tooling. so hopefully there won't be much here

You can find a current WIP copy at http://tilde.town/~dozens/forest/


For writing and building:


Anything with a .txt extension will be built. if you want to create some notes or something not included in the build, give it any kind of other extension, or none


there's a macros file. I don't know if it will be much use. but it's there. It will be used when building the text. So you can use __monstername if you don't know the name of the monster yet. Define a new definition for it in macros--e.g. define(__monstername, `jethro')--and it will appear where you need it.


there is a justfile: run just to see available commands