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Updated 2024-05-06 15:31:51 +00:00

this is a game made by acdw that i riffed on for a bit

Updated 2024-03-11 22:32:25 +00:00

A resume styled like an electronics component datasheet. Layout done in Groff with mom macros.

Updated 2024-03-11 05:11:15 +00:00

a convoluted pipeline of transformations that creates an html media diary from a plain text database.

Updated 2024-03-08 20:23:56 +00:00

decompilation of the metroid fusion "open" randomizer, forked from

Updated 2024-02-15 21:46:54 +00:00

ju - juju is a irc bot based upon pinhook's framework.

Updated 2024-02-13 10:25:35 +00:00

Python tool for downloading music and podcasts from feeds

Updated 2023-12-09 23:13:16 +00:00

A granulating synth Quark for SuperCollider which wraps up a buffer to record an incoming signal, a TGrains to play it back, and a couple of control synths for how it's played back.

Updated 2023-10-25 23:56:24 +00:00

New version moved to

Updated 2023-10-02 05:25:04 +00:00

fantasy role playing game formatted by groff and pandoc

Updated 2023-09-27 12:11:47 +00:00

a little website for making blackout poetry using 9,000,000+ chunks of text pulled from project gutenberg

Updated 2023-08-04 02:57:04 +00:00

A shared bot.

Updated 2023-03-05 17:03:55 +00:00

a solo rpg i'm playing? or a novel i'm writing?

Updated 2022-10-17 01:46:20 +00:00

editor from nothing a text editor made only with cat and itself! prenounced effin.

Updated 2022-09-15 18:22:55 +00:00

the web site for will eventually get merged into the `town` repo

Updated 2022-09-10 00:27:19 +00:00

the web site for will eventually get merged into the `town` repo

Updated 2022-09-10 00:15:19 +00:00

Updated 2022-05-01 03:16:59 +00:00

it's a shooter, but we replaced maps with shaders

Updated 2022-04-05 14:49:51 +00:00

IRC bot in ruby, based on minerobber's cosnok bot

Updated 2021-09-18 02:41:36 +00:00

an extremely simple pure lisp built in c++ templates it is bodged together and more of a proof of concept than anything it hasn't been properly tested

Updated 2021-09-12 19:11:58 +00:00