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🌺 The flower shell. A comfy and nice little shell for Lua fans!

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Hilbish is a extensible shell (framework). It was made to be very customizable via the Lua programming language. It aims to be easy to use for the casual people but powerful for those who want to tinker more with their shell, the thing used to interface with most of the system.

The motivation for choosing Lua was that its simpler and better to use than old shell script. It's fine for basic interactive shell uses, but that's the only place Hilbish has shell script; everything else is Lua and aims to be infinitely configurable. If something isn't, open an issue!

Table of Contents


Getting Hilbish

NOTE: Hilbish is not guaranteed to work properly on Windows, starting from the 2.0 version. It will still be able to compile, but functionality may be lacking.

You can check the install page on the website for distributed binaries from GitHub or other package repositories. Otherwise, continue reading for steps on compiling.


  • Go 1.17+
  • Task (Go on the hyperlink here to see Task's install method for your OS.)


First, clone Hilbish. The recursive is required, as some Lua libraries are submodules.

git clone --recursive
cd Hilbish
go get -d ./...

To build, run:


Or, if you want a stable branch, run these commands:

git checkout $(git describe --tags `git rev-list --tags --max-count=1`)
task build

After you did all that, run sudo task install to install Hilbish globally.


Any kind of contributions are welcome! Hilbish is very easy to contribute to. Read as a guideline to doing so.

Thanks to everyone below who's contributed!

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Hilbish is licensed under the MIT license.
Images and assets are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0