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  vilmibm 797eb3c919 update zine link, clean up scripts 9 months ago
  vilmibm 224da69bd3 favor the new townstats tool 2 years ago
  vilmibm 1f7dd6707f get front page news out of my home idr 2 years ago
  vilmibm 6ad09552ad actually link to the correct wiki 2 years ago
  vilmibm cab6bb820b update server key 2 years ago
  Nate Smith 31256b1408
Merge pull request #13 from tildetown/MineRobber9000-patch-1 3 years ago
  MineRobber___T 279626d4a3
Fix stats.py to use the new signup link 3 years ago
  nathaniel smith 88610e87fe remove link to full user list for now 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith d0b1ebc0c0 bump version 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith 1f195089e4 add server fingerprint 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith efe238475a remove obsolete bash scripts 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith d02d8d6abf now accessed via entry_points 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith 1108de407d add __init__ 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith 84263dd78d sigh 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith 35cf60747f version 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith 021b7615eb fix mustache entry_points thing 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith b74fdc94e6 repackage this 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith 1b7f68c631 remove old flask stuff 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith 9826a0da06 link to new random url 4 years ago
  vilmibm aa35e7f43a cleaning this out 4 years ago
  vilmibm ae58f8467f various homepage tweaks 4 years ago
  vilmibm 4199ac7fd2 guard against non mtime 4 years ago
  tilde.town d443add589 update front page design 4 years ago
  nathaniel smith bffa76628a Merge branch 'news-support' of /home/vilmibm/tildetown-scripts 5 years ago
  vilmibm 9ad803523e fix news again oops 5 years ago
  nathaniel smith f3960a71aa Merge branch 'news-support' of /home/vilmibm/tildetown-scripts 5 years ago
  vilmibm bf4356eb29 fix news parsing 5 years ago
  nathaniel smith 7596454405 Merge branch 'news-support' 5 years ago
  nathaniel smith 70bb2dd9af stuff that was sitting around uncommitted 5 years ago
  vilmibm c75dcafe23 add news support 5 years ago
  nathaniel smith 98c7f78a5b remove obsolete testing thing 5 years ago
  Nathaniel Smith 50233fc07b Merge pull request #8 from datagrok/master 5 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 63ca6c917d remove old commented-out news 5 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 52a20fce38 --ableism 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 224600a950 remove useless import 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb f5f27d699c update now-incorrect comments 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 5ce87c9aff touch a doc typo 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb cb142fe9b8 update scripts for new /usr/local location 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 37768ae726 make homepage use tdp format 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 7217826feb point generate_home_page at new template path 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 8348fb551b commit /var/www/tilde.town/template.index.html 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 5d99711103 commit /var/www/tilde.town/old.template.index.html 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb a1fec5013c fix typos 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 65e1ec1a5d tdp.py->stats.py 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 470bef5f05 +replace manual diff with call out to diff(1) 6 years ago
  Michael F. Lamb 8b5efd58f0 add tdp-format stats script 6 years ago
  nathaniel smith ee31b5888b some logging 6 years ago
  nathaniel smith 3a9afbcb9e yolocfg 6 years ago
  nathaniel smith 0b90e84577 add mustache helper 6 years ago
  nathaniel smith b55df2c198 do not need package data for this 6 years ago