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# my story #
## in the beginning ##
i was walking down the street and things were bad
## and then ##
I saw a bear! and i tried to run away, and I did bad. so i did not evade the bear, in fact i tripped and fell!
## and so
and so i tried to appeal to reason, and i the bear paused and i got to get away, but i sprained my ankle! and had to hide behind a dumpster for 3 hours until it went away
## eventually
I finally got to the library and was able to return my books, but the books were so overdue, that the feral librarians sold me into indentured servitude
## later
I was toiling away at the hobbit's potato farm. and i made a plan to escape. but the farmer's daughter found out, and threatened to tell if I dind't take her with me.
so under the cover of night, we tried to escape, but were captured by orcs, who planned eat us during the Festival of the Blood Moon