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TorchedSammy ab26b82a9f docs: [ci] generate new docs 2023-07-11 01:57:00 +00:00
sammyette c6c81ddece
feat: add notification/message interface (#239)
details in #219
2023-07-10 19:03:30 -04:00
TorchedSammy 6729ecddea docs: [ci] generate new docs 2023-04-15 14:36:56 +00:00
TorchedSammy 0379e302ac docs: [ci] generate new docs 2023-03-25 21:42:46 +00:00
TorchedSammy c55cd345ba docs: [ci] generate new docs 2023-02-07 22:19:24 +00:00
sammyette 2911257eb9
docs: cleanup completions doc to better fit 80 col terminals 2023-02-07 17:42:16 -04:00
sammyette 61914f8dc7
docs: add docs for sink type (closes #233) 2023-02-07 15:39:22 -04:00
sammyette 890f10e176
docs: update runner-mode doc (closes #230) 2023-02-07 10:46:29 -04:00
sammyette 2f6ab5fd92
feat: add sink for commanders to write output/read input (#232)
to write output, you would usually just use the print builtin
since commanders are just lua custom commands but this does not
consider the fact of pipes or other shell operators being used
to redirect or whatever.

this adds readable/writable "sinks" which is a type for input
or output and is currently only used for commanders but can be
used for other hilbish things in the future
2023-01-20 19:07:42 -04:00
TorchedSammy c87fbe2b99 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2023-01-18 10:59:10 +00:00
sammyette 6530d48b00
docs: document types properly (#227) 2023-01-18 06:39:26 -04:00
TorchedSammy a2f0ff3e09 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2023-01-07 15:52:49 +00:00
sammyette 91ec0cf4a4
docs: remove api index (there is already _index) 2022-12-28 22:26:20 -04:00
TorchedSammy 68a37d8c79 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-12-28 23:33:44 +00:00
sammyette 61f6337f5f
docs: improve docs for timers interface 2022-12-28 19:32:52 -04:00
sammyette 0f33f72de7
docs: fix docs for outdated hook 2022-12-28 19:28:16 -04:00
TorchedSammy 7234111d6d docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-12-21 01:00:31 +00:00
sammyette a105b8e38d
docs: improve emmy lua annotations 2022-12-20 20:59:55 -04:00
sammyette 5ea23d58d1
docs: change api index doc 2022-12-20 10:09:08 -04:00
sammyette b46bd0059e
fix: fixes for doc command
- get docs properly for hilbish module and its interfaces
- deal with negative numbers causing yaml metadata parsing to fail
- change from index to _index to match hugo
2022-12-20 01:38:19 -04:00
sammyette e5eefb1d2d
refactor!: rework docs and doc command (#218)
changes the actual file format of docs to markup since that's basically what we have been
using in the first place.

the docgen command has been modified to write markdown headings with the function name and
yaml metadata for easy consumption by hugo for the website.

all other docs have been moved to markdown as well this is the main reason this is a "breaking" change
users will have to reinstall hilbish (task uninstall and task install) to remove the old plaintext docs
2022-12-15 00:00:54 -04:00
TorchedSammy ff4609e432
feat: add hilbish.cancel hook (closes #213) 2022-11-25 19:21:36 -04:00
TorchedSammy cc6e5d01dd docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-10-11 21:43:22 +00:00
TorchedSammy 068a5b5149
feat(bait): add error hook and hooks function (closes #205)
an `error` hook is now thrown when an event in lua
throws an error (errors from go side should not happen)
it includes the event name, handler, and error message

a hooks function has also been added. it returns a table
of handlers for a specific event.
2022-10-11 17:41:13 -04:00
TorchedSammy 300248de54 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-10-10 22:41:10 +00:00
TorchedSammy 3dcd99563a docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-08-17 22:01:55 +00:00
TorchedSammy f7806f5479 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-07-13 19:46:40 +00:00
TorchedSammy 153a89b188 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-06-20 20:47:56 +00:00
sammyette 3990d370fa
feat: extend hilbish.runner interface to allow multiple runners (#159) 2022-05-28 19:06:18 -04:00
sammyette b28a2c24c1
refactor!: use userdata where appropriate (#157)
any interface which has lua side objects that are from go side for its api (namely jobs) they will use userdata instead of always creating a table to represent the object. this might or might not bring lower ram usage since there is now only 1 single reference to an object instead of always creating a table to expose on lua

breaking change since methods need to be called with a colon instead of dot
2022-05-28 19:03:44 -04:00
TorchedSammy 9d385efbfc
docs: add new methods for job objects 2022-05-24 19:32:03 -04:00
TorchedSammy d65b574cb2
docs: fix typo in job hook docs 2022-05-22 07:29:01 -04:00
TorchedSammy 8f6f27e647
docs: add docs for lunacolors (closes #144) 2022-05-21 21:28:06 -04:00
sammyette d2f16dfbbf
feat: job enhancements (#153)
* feat: add hilbish.job.add function

this is mainly to accomodate for the employer
handler (#152)

* feat!: add start function to jobs

the commit itself adds a few things but the
main purpose is to facilitate a lua side start
function that can restart the job

there is a breaking change in the hilbish.job.add
function; it is now required to provide an extra
table for arguments, since the first cmd
table isnt really what's actually ran

* fix: reuse standard files for jobs

* fix: deadlock in lua job add function and not taking proper amount of args

* fix: assign binary path to job

* feat: emit job.add hook when job is added

* chore: update modules

* fix: use setpgid on cmd procattr for background jobs

* fix: use right procattr on correct os

* fix: set bg proc attr in build tagged file

* feat: add disown function

* fix: stop jobs on exit

* feat: add disown command

* feat: add jobs.last function to get last job

* feat: make disown command get last job if id isnt suppied as arg

* chore: remove unused code

* feat: add job output

* chore: fix comments

* fix!: make exec path in job add explicit in lua side

* docs: add docs and changelogs relating to jobs
2022-05-21 20:53:36 -04:00
TorchedSammy 0b07b93de2
docs: move nature docs into a folder 2022-05-19 21:56:03 -04:00
TorchedSammy 52a58b14c3
docs: update nature doc to have new correct info 2022-05-08 16:03:44 -04:00
TorchedSammy 4e5f8b5c80
docs: add docs for nature module 2022-04-24 00:00:18 -04:00
TorchedSammy 3db6334445
docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-04-23 00:03:50 -04:00
TorchedSammy f003249632
docs: update doc reference for vim mode actions 2022-04-23 00:03:49 -04:00
TorchedSammy dbb27f7739
docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-04-23 00:03:48 -04:00
TorchedSammy 03a57fce5b
docs: add more documentation for completions 2022-04-23 00:03:48 -04:00
TorchedSammy 1274811739
docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-04-23 00:03:46 -04:00
TorchedSammy 1a4008fcfb docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-04-22 02:17:00 +00:00
TorchedSammy 86aa40af64 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-04-21 16:19:31 +00:00
TorchedSammy e044aeb5ed docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-04-13 14:14:06 +00:00
TorchedSammy 626b036b4b
fix!: add complete input to history, including continued input
this introduces a breaking change to runner functions.
they are now required to return 3 values, the first
being the user's input, and the 2 others that it was
before. the `hilbish.runner` functions respectively
have been updated, so if you just return from those
there will be no difference
2022-04-13 10:12:17 -04:00
TorchedSammy ea7517be05 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-04-12 23:37:39 +00:00
TorchedSammy c95ff42dee
feat: add timer pool and api (closes #135)
adds a map (but lets call it a pool) of all
running timers. this makes us able to keep
track of all running intervals and timeouts.
it also means hilbish can wait for them to
be done before exiting (it only waits when
non interactive).

this introduces the `hilbish.timers` interface,
documented by `doc timers`. the `hilbish.interval`
and `hilbish.timeout` functions return a timer
object now.
2022-04-12 19:31:48 -04:00
TorchedSammy 69d38d7048 docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-04-04 10:40:25 +00:00
TorchedSammy 0aba60b5de docs: [ci] generate new docs 2022-03-26 22:28:27 +00:00