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mio a1ae0fb4ff (gordon) Update borgar and senpai grammars 4 months ago
mio 6124cfe0de (gordon) Add salad command, updated burger and pie commands 5 months ago
mio 7dc943d53d (gordon) Add soupe command 5 months ago
mio ad5d026047 Add example bot gordon 5 months ago
mio edae077b1d (ramenkan) Add link 5 months ago
mio 8e84095be6 Change the behaviour of service code detection 9 months ago
mio 562f112995 Add preliminary support for "nick: message" detection 9 months ago
mio 44e56e0884 (hellobot) Minor adjustment for scheduled task 9 months ago
mio 20652e5e31 Add function to get a list of users in a channel 9 months ago
mio f5302105f0 Remove unused variables 9 months ago
mio 202aa6e140 Add dev rockspec by Will Sinatra 9 months ago
mio dbec0eef8c Include rockspecs for older versions by Will Sinatra 9 months ago
mio 6de32954b4 Bump release version to 1.2 9 months ago
mio a4a6b35d3e Add rockspec by Will Sinatra 9 months ago
mio de2643183f Fix task repetition 10 months ago
mio 971b758524 Try to handle pings better 10 months ago
mio e9927fb1d7 Add scheduled tasks 10 months ago
mio 8530a3bb77 (hachi) Add breadtarot foil 10 months ago
mio d31e322b10 Add tracery-inspired example 10 months ago
mio 4edbf32ef9 Add docs 10 months ago
mio 75d3f149f2 Add handlers to list servers/channels, connect to/quit servers 10 months ago
mio 7963d7221c Bugfixes 10 months ago
mio 9005c0fba5 Rewrite module in Lua 11 months ago
mio 8d262f2fb1 Add cli flag for specifying config file 2 years ago
mio 16be6d9dda Update username parsing 2 years ago
mio 188c96a62c Add ramenkan data 2 years ago
mio ead6eeeb24 Minor text edit 4 years ago
mio cdc722510b Update readme 4 years ago
mio 50fb3dc5d7 Remove unused lib 4 years ago
mio cb5d49ff5a Check for ping timeout and exit 4 years ago
mio 143e5b91af Simpler keepalive response (thanks desvox), change license to BSD 4 years ago
mio 1f49b05e10 Remove sleep 4 years ago
mio edeff5469d Add toot error handling 4 years ago
mio a09f7b1d7e Fix pong response 4 years ago
mio 6984c4a8df Add veggie ramen toot variant 4 years ago
mio 884261c783 Add posting to mastodon 4 years ago
mio 1ebf436ba9 Add show photo link handler 4 years ago
mio d5f882303e Add README 4 years ago
mio 0c3ba15173 Add veggie ramen handler, move other handler text to yml 4 years ago
mio 542976eb9d Add ramen handler 4 years ago
mio 5f8f89988b Rearrange files, add links 4 years ago
mio f0103c73db Convert to yml 4 years ago
mio 45029d9525 Add listener object 4 years ago
mio 3914db4685 Move sample run routine 4 years ago
mio 797ed660dd Change class instantiation, add a bit of error handling 4 years ago
mio 02aff49ea0 Convoluted but works, needs better abstraction 4 years ago
mio cef65b6a94 Starter demo 4 years ago